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When it comes to fitment this is where most of you gentleman go wrong and get misled. Not too long ago I was with one of my business partners looking for a suit for him. He wanted me to tag along for advice; we ended up going to a couple stores and came across a store where they were selling high end suits. Now he tried on a couple suits but to me none of them fit right, pants were too baggy the suit jacket was boxy, not tight enough on the torso and the shoulders where off. These suits were his size but they just looked plain old fashioned so I asked the salesman if he had something more modern and tight! Even with all the alterations they could make they still couldn’t turn these suits into something fashionable to our standards. My point being, some people are being misled by salesmen that think they have experience when they don’t know the difference between a boxy baggy suit and a tight properly fitted suit.

When it comes to suits you want to start with a suit that already has good fitment that way you have room for all your adjustment and alterations. I will post two pictures below one being what you don’t want your suit to look like and the other being what you do want your suit to look like. Remember a person can read you just by how you’re dressed. If you’re in something sloppy the person assessing may think you’re sloppy as a person and could lack in other characteristics you may want to shine in. But when you appear in a properly fitted suit people see the confidence and see value in you.

Fitted suits are not hard to find. The problem most well-known names that sell a wide range of suits do not offer properly fitted ones. My suggestion would be to stay away from these big locations and go to the small specialty suit shop in your neighbourhood. They will be able to make a suit specifically to your measurements and create the professional, well put together look for you. I was in a Moore’s the other day and noticed they have started to carry more fitted suits. They seem to be advertising it a lot on TV commercials which, is why I went in to check. Hopefully for them they will see the trends and continue to stock more.

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